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Chat introduction

EasyBoards® provides a chat tool that can be used to collaborate on cards. A chat can be activated and managed for each card, directly from it (Cards details and settings).

Additionally, a chat console is available and can be activated from the chat sign available top right in EasyBoards®. From the chat console, just focus a chat by clicking on it and start to chat in right chat window. The result is the same when chatting from the card or the chat console.

The chat console makes available the list of chats (one for each card) on the left, organized in folders: Favorites, Recent, Snoozed and Ignored.

The following table, summarizes the different behaviour of chats when placed in the folders.

Folder Behaviour
Favorites Posts to chats are normally notified, the folder allows to easily access the most used chats.
Recent This is the default folder where new chats are stored. Posts to chats are normally notified.
Snoozed This folder is typically used to clear the Recent folder of chats that are no longer actual but could be used in the future. In case of new posts, the chat is restored in the Recent and notifications sent.
Ignored No notifications are sent for chats stored in this folder.

Members of a chat are automatically all the users invited to a board with collaboration privilege set. See Boards privileges for more information on board privileges.

Remember that chats are archived with cards.

Chat commands

When chatting from the chat console, commands area available. Commands can be launched by clicking the ... appearing when passing the mouse on a folder or chat.

Commands for folders:

Settings Use
Select All This command selects all the chats in the folder.
Unselect All This command unselects all the chats in the folder.

The selection of chats can be done with the above commands or by clicking on the chat round left sign with the initials or photo of the posting member.

Commands for chats:

Settings Use
Mark as Unread This command set the chat Unread. Unread chat is shown in Bold
Favorite This moves the selected chats in the Favorites folder.
Snooze This moves the selected chats in the Snoozed folder.
Ignore This moves the selected chats in the Ignored folder.
Locate This opens the board and card corresponding to the chat.
Copy Conversation This command enalbe the use to copy/paste the chat text into an external document.

If more chats are selected, the command is applied to all the selected chats.

Chat search

A very useful feature of chats the the search function, available from the chat console.

Insert the text to search in the Search field. This shows the list of chats matching the text. Just click the desired one to open it.

By clicking Filter it is possible to restrict the search criteria per chat folder.

Chat notifications

Posts in chats are notified to the members of the chat.

Notifications are made visually, by showing the number of unread chats in the chat console sign top right in the EasyBoards® screens. Web push notifications can be activated to receive message notifications on desktop or mobile devices.

To activate web push notifications, click on User profile icon in the chat console (it is positioned to the right of the Search field) and click Notifications. The enable the Enable Push Notification switch and close.

If the user does not see the posts for a certain amount of time, the notification is also sent by email. See Settings to learn how to set the preferences for this feature.