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Notifications introduction

Several types of notifications are managed in EasyBoards®. We can distinguish in two main categories:

  • notifications for card changes;
  • notifications for chats.

Notifications for card changes

Notifications for card changes are sent every time a card in a board is modified. In this case, modifying includes: any changes to card content, moving a card to a different lane or board, deleting a card.

These notifications are sent only if the user subscribed to the card notifications. To learn how to subscribe, please read Cards commands.

In addition to the notifications related to cards present in a board, participants can receive notifications for cards that enters or exit the board. This happens when

  • a new card is created;
  • a card is moved from or to another board;
  • a card is archived;
  • a card is restored from archive.

To activate these notifications, the user shall subscribe to them for the board using the toolbar icon on it (see Follow/Unfollow Cards Changes in Boards commands).

All notifications are sent by email within maximum one hour from the occurrence time of the notifications.

Chat notifications

Chat notifications are issued when a new post is entered in a chat room where the user is member by other chat members. The notification is considered unread until the user enters the chat room with unread notifications.

There are three types of chat notifications:

  • immediate visual notifications;
  • web push notifications;
  • email notifications.

Immediate visual notifications

These notifications are made immediately an visually available in the following ways:

  • the page top right chat icon shows the overall number of unread notifications in red;
  • the chat console shows the chat rooms with unread notifications in bold.

When notifications are read, the visual notifications are immediately updated.

Web push notifications

Web push notification are sent to the device notification system (desktop or mobile). This notification method shall be configured both on the device and in EasyBoards®. For EasyBoards® configuration read Chat notifications.

For the configuration of the push notifications on the device, please refer to the device guide. Typically you will have to enable the browser used to receive push notifications.

Web push notifications are sent within one hour from notification occurrence if the notification is still unread.

email notifications

Email notifications are sent within twenty four hours from notification occurrence if the notification is still unread.