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The Settings menu allows to define application and personal settings..

Application Settings

This provides many information about the application, such as the type of license, subscription details, use limitations.

Additionally it allows to update the working calendar that states the working days and hours. This calendar is initialized when the environment is setup and can be changed. To perform changes select the days, you want to modify, set them as "Standard" working time, "Non Working" time or "Custom" working time. With "Custom" working time, you can define up to 5 ranges of hours for working time, for example 9 to 12 and 14 to 18. Time is displayed and provided according to the user selected time zone. You don't have to save to set the new values as they are immediately applied. Working calendars are used in some reports, see Reporting

Cards priorities

Card priorities values are initialized with standard values when the environment is created. The number of values, their labels and corresponding card background colour can be customized with this link.

To create a new priority, use the + icon in the toolbar below the list of priorities. Click on Name, define labels in different application languages (optional) and use the Submit changes to server icon (the one with a floppy disk icon) to create the new record. To change the background colour that will automatically be applied to the cards set with the priority, enter the record with the mouse right menu Modify item. Once in the record you can choose colour with the Edit function or provide its colour code.

To delete a priority, use the trash icon and then use the Submit changes to server icon (the one with a floppy disk icon).

Personal Settings

Personal settings can be launched from the home page menu Settings/Personal Settings.

The possible personal settings are explained in the table below.

Setting How to
Change your photo You can upload a photo that will be shown next to identify you in collaboration features (e.g. chats). Upload the image using the Browse button.
Change application language You can select the application language by changing User's Interface Language.
Change Password You can modify your password by entering the old and new one in the corresponding fields.
Change email You can modify the email that the application uses to send notifications by writing it in Email.

After the settings are changed, use Save or Save&Exit to make them effective.